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4 Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring

As a homeowner, it is essential to maintain various systems, especially your garage door. Testing the door’s safety features each month and lubricating specific parts every six months is crucial in ensuring the door operates safely and reliably.

Equally important is replacing parts as they wear out.

One of the most common components and, subsequently, must vital are the springs.

Let’s examine how they work, why they break, and how to detect a broken garage door spring. Please, for your safety, never attempt to replace a broken garage door spring yourself.

How the Springs Work

There are two types of springs in use – torsion and extension – that work in unison with the automatic opener. They support the weight of the door during operation so as not to strain the opener’s motor.

Torsion springs twist and are centered horizontally above the door. Extension springs fully expand and contract and are installed two to a door. They are located vertically on both sides of the door.

The standard spring is manufactured with 10,000 cycles, which must be replaced every three to fourteen years, depending on your exact usage. Ideally, in applications requiring two springs, both should be professionally replaced.

Diagnosing a Broken Garage Door Spring

The Door Won’t Open

Remember, the springs offset the door’s weight so as not to strain the automatic opener. We’re talking 150 pounds or more. The opener cannot handle that weight without the springs supporting the door and, therefore, the door will remain unresponsive if they are broken.

The Door Opens a Few Inches

Alternatively, a loss of tension may cause the springs to open a few inches, before returning to the closed position. It is essential to have a garage door repair professional inspect the door, as there are other potential reasons for it not to open.

The Door Appears to Be Unbalanced

As mentioned, extension springs are installed two to a door on either side. An unbalanced door may indicate that there is a broken garage door spring. Both extension springs must be replaced during the same repair appointment. 

There is a Visible Separation in the Springs

You may notice a visible separation of about two inches with torsion springs. Extension springs may either appear with a gap or stretched out. A broken garage door spring establishes a substantial need for professional repair.

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