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Gift Ideas for the Garage

Whether you’re already checking names off your shopping lists or you’re just getting started, these practical holiday gift ideas are excellent for anyone on your list, especially if they use the garage door to enter and exit their home. Also, don’t forget to have your malfunctioning door fixed by a garage door repair professional, so you can sneak presents into the house or have them delivered to your garage.

Parking Assist

A parking assist is a practical gift that will prevent the receiver from dinging their car door, or worse, while parking in the garage. These devices project a laser beam that navigates the driver to the correct spot, leaving plenty of room on all sides of the vehicle, and turns off as soon as it meets a specific area on the car’s console.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Another useful gift idea, especially for the person who already relies on their smartphone for everything, is a smart garage door opener. These openers, available with either a belt- or screw-drive, work with a compatible app that allows the user to monitor and control the door from anywhere.

Garage Organizational Solutions

Everyone could benefit from extra storage for their sporting equipment, camping gear, power tools, and more in the garage. That is why organizational solutions such as cabinets, shelves, racks, pegboards, and mounts make an excellent present to gift someone with this holiday season.

Garage Door Repair in Boise

Garage Door Repair Boise understands how crucial it is to have a safe and reliably functioning garage door and opener. Our company provides Boise residents and businesses with garage door repair, maintenance, and installation at competitive prices.

We also employ certified technicians and possess specialized skills and equipment to replace broken garage door springs. All service trucks are fully stocked with durable replacement parts from trusted manufacturers each morning.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (208) 614-4032.

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