Garage Door FAQs

Garage Door Repair | FAQ's

Q. What opener is best for me?

A. That depends on your situation. A metal door usually can use any type of opener. But a heavy wood door should have a chain drive type opener. Garages with very little headroom may require a jackshaft opener which requires no clearance. We have an opener for any application.

Q. I've been told a door opener won't fit in my garage, can you make one fit?

A. Yes. We have side mount openers, side mount arms for regular draw bar openers and low track systems to get you an opener that lifts your door for you.

Q. I have small kids, what safety features do you offer?

A. We have doors with pinch-proof panels, photo electric eye sensors, auto reverse system, side hand guards, anti-drop systems and other advanced features.

Q. I want to upgrade my door, where do I start?

A. Please call us to set up a free estimate.

Q. What kinds of accessories are available? Where can get them?

A. We have keyless entry systems, mini remotes, auto alert systems and finger print entry systems, just to name a few. All these and more are available at our new showroom.

Q. Can I fix my own door?

A. Yes. If your are mechanically inclined enough you can.

Q. Can I fix my broken springs?

A. Yes, click HERE for more information. You'll see, though, that it can be difficult and dangerous.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?

A. Yes - 5 years on new installations, 120 Days on all service calls.

Q. How soon can I get my door fixed?

A. We can be there today.

Q. What area do you service?

A. Boise and surrounding cities