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It’s Time for Fall Garage Door Maintenance

In Boise, the air is already crisp, and the trees are slowly turning into stunning shades of yellow and red. These signs can only mean one thing – that fall has arrived – and that pumpkin everything can be found almost anywhere.

With every changing season comes the opportunity to perform routine maintenance on your home, the garage door included. Home improvement projects, like new garage door installation, may also be considered.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your garage door and opener are in optimal condition. You can finish two of these projects on the weekend, too, so that you can spend more time enjoying your favorite fall activities.

Ensure a Functional Space

One of the first things to check off your to-do list is creating a functional space where you have room to store your equipment and park your car.

Begin by taking a full inventory of your garage’s contents and donate, sell, or recycle anything that you no longer need or want.

Add storage cabinets, shelves, and other systems to get the remaining items off the floor. Fall is also an ideal time to bring your winter gear forward.

Test the Door’s Safety Features

You should be testing the door’s balance, photoelectric sensors, and automatic reversing mechanisms each month. Doing so will ensure that all safety features are working as they should and, if they aren’t, that repairs are made before the chill of winter.

Here are the directions for testing the balance, sensors, and safety reversal.

Balance: Before you can manually open the door, you will need to disconnect it from the opener. Once it is disconnected, lift it about halfway, then let go. A balanced door should remain in place, supported by its springs.

Photoelectric Sensors: To test the safety eyes, as the sensors are commonly referred, begin with the door open and press the remote button to activate the opener to close. Block one of the sensors by waving a broom in front of it as the door is closing. It should immediately reverse direction and reopen.

Automatic Safety Reversal: Test by placing a one-inch board flat in the center of the garage door opening. Activate the opener so that the door closes. The door must immediately reverse direction upon meeting the board.

Any test failure indicates that there is a problem that should be addressed by a garage door repair professional. For your safety, discontinue the operation of the garage door and opener until repairs can be made.

Consider New Garage Door Installation

According to Remodeling’s annual Cost vs. Value report, new garage door installation is shown to offer a substantial return on investment, making it an excellent home improvement project. The national average for a new steel door is 94.5% ROI.

Garage Door Repair Boise understands how crucial it is to have a safe and reliably functioning garage door and garage door opener. Our company provides Boise residents and businesses with repair, maintenance, and new garage door installation at competitive prices.

We also employ certified technicians and possess specialized equipment to replace a broken garage door spring. All service trucks are fully stocked with replacement parts from trusted manufacturers each morning.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (208) 614-4032.

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