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4 Mistakes You May Be Making in Your Garage

The garage door provides substantial benefits, such as convenient entry, when it is operating as it should. Still, the advantages of garage ownership could be thwarted if there is clutter or the door is not maintained. Regularly maintaining the door is the most cost-effective way to prevent significant repairs. Common garage door repair, like replacing broken torsion springs, will require you to call in a professional. Here are some mistakes that you may be making and how to avoid them in the future.

Minimal Organization

A garage functions to protect your vehicles from vandalism, theft, and the elements. It is also frequently used as a place to store things. Without adequate organization, the latter may take over the floor space, preventing you from being able to park inside. Adding wall mounted storage systems, such as cabinets and pegboard, along with overhead racks and floor shelves, is an excellent way to maximize space.

Not Maintaining Your Garage Door

Your garage door provides drive-right-in accessibility whenever you press a button and, in return for this convenience, requires some much-deserved TLC every few months. Safety tests should be performed monthly, though. Failure to maintain the door can lead to all sorts of costly and, more importantly, dangerous problems. Depending on the severity of neglect, the door or opener may even need to be replaced.

Improperly Storing Chemicals

An uninsulated garage can reach temperatures that are ten or more degrees hotter than outdoor temps. That heat can impact the composition of common chemicals, which can be unsafe. The garage is not an ideal place for storing paint, propane, automotive fluids, and other liquids. Remember to always store these products in an air controlled place.

Not Hiring a Garage Door Repair Professional

You rely on the door working without issue. Eventually, however, it will need to be repaired by a professional. You should never try to fix a malfunctioning door by yourself for two reasons. First, it can weigh 150 pounds or more, depending on the materials used and whether it is insulated. Second, the springs – manufactured with a limited number of cycles – pose a significant hazard. These factors make DIY repair incredibly dangerous; always hire a garage door repair professional.

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