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Top 4 Reasons for Garage Door Repair

Today’s garage doors are designed to last 30 years or more. Garage door openers have a 10- to 15-year lifespan. Over time, they both may succumb to wear and tear, causing them to malfunction. The two best methods for preventing major garage door repair problems is to 1) regularly maintain the door and opener according to manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and 2) to contact a garage door repair professional before minor issues have an opportunity to manifest.

Here are the top four reasons you may need garage door repair.

Reason #1. Garage Door Won’t Close

There are several potential reasons for why the garage door continually reverses direction when attempting to close it, including:

Sensor Trouble: One of two auto-reversing mechanisms on the door, the photoelectric sensors are designed to detect an obstruction while the door is closing. They will signal the garage door opener to reverse the door movement if an obstacle is identified. Essentially, if anything is blocking their “view” or they are misaligned, the opener will become inoperable, and the light will blink repeatedly.

Try troubleshooting the sensors by cleaning them with a damp microfiber cloth and, if they appear unlevel, readjusting them. If the door still will not sufficiently close, or the photo-eyes are damaged, you must contact a garage door repair professional to diagnose, service, or replace the sensors.

Travel Limit Settings: The travel limit settings on the garage door opener, according to LiftMaster®, tells the door as to which points to stop at when opening and closing. There are two settings here that can cause issues: upward and downward. To test, press the button on the remote or transmitter, attempting a complete cycle. If the door doesn’t open or close, then you should schedule an appointment with a professional who can adjust the up and down travel limits.

Reason #2. Broken Garage Door Springs

Every garage door system requires springs: extension or torsion. You can distinguish the two by their location. Torsion springs are located above the door opening, whereas, extension springs can be found on either side of the track. The springs are incredibly mighty – they are designed to counterbalance the weight (150 pounds and up) of the door each time it opens and closes.

Most standard springs come with a limited number of cycles; usually 10,000. One cycle is spent each time the door is opened and closed. How long these cycles will last, in terms of years, depends on spring type and daily usage. Beefier torsion springs can give you double the lifespan at a fair price. Never attempt to replace broken garage door springs yourself; this is a job that is always best left to a professional!

Reason #3. Damaged Tracks

The tracks, either the horizontal or vertical, may occasionally get bumped into. Depending on impact severity, the tracks can consequently start sporting dents, or become irreparably damaged. Minor dents can typically be fixed by softly tapping them with a rubber mallet. However, more substantial dents or damage requires professional repair and possibly, replacement. Fixing the tracks is vitally important to avoid the door jumping off the tracks; a significant safety risk.

Reason #4. Noisy Garage Door

If your sleep is continuously interrupted by the garage door, it may be screaming, “lubricate me.” A professional can accurately diagnose more substantial problems or install vibration isolators. Clopay recommends applying professional-grade lubricant to the hinges, rollers, and springs every six months. Professional-grade does not mean WD-40. Because an accumulation of dirt and debris can cause more problems than just noise, cleaning the tracks with a damp cloth may prove beneficial, as well.

Hire a Garage Door Repair Professional

The last thing you have time for is dealing with a temperamental garage door. We at Garage Door Repair Boise understand that better than anyone! Let us help when your garage door interrupts your daily routine by scheduling an appointment today at (208) 614-4032.

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