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Maintaining Your Garage Door

Garage door repair can get costly depending on what needs fixing, so how can you reduce the likelihood of needing to call an expert? Routine maintenance can save you from any headaches down the road by keeping your garage in working order.

Garage doors are something you probably don’t think about too much, but a neglected door can put a lot of stress on your garage door opener. Here are some easy maintenance tips for you to put into practice.

Watch and Listen to Your Door

If your door is well-tuned, it should be quiet when it opens and shuts, and you shouldn’t notice any jerkiness while it is moving. If you see jerky movements and hear scraping sounds, you’ll want to make sure that both sides of the system are symmetrical. Uneven springs, pulleys, and cables can cause these noises and jerking movements and need professional repair before they get worse.

Inspect the Tracts

Make sure to examine the tracts on both sides of your garage door for debris and rust. You can also make sure that the vertical sections are perfectly upright with a level. For any significant adjustments, make sure to call a professional technician, but you should be able to handle small changes. The tracks can also benefit from being routinely wiped down with a damp cloth.

Tighten Hardware

The continuous up and down motion and vibration of your garage door can loosen the door and track hardware. Inspect the brackets holding the door tracks to the wall and ceiling, along with the fasteners anchoring the garage opener to the framing. A professional should be contacted to tighten any loose bolts you discover.

Inspect and Replace Rollers

You should remember to inspect the rollers at least twice a year and replace them every five to seven years. Always hire a professional to replace any chipped, cracked, or worn rollers. 13-ball nylon rollers will ensure the door operates smoothly and without noise.

Check Cables and Pulleys

Inspect the lift cables and pulleys on the door because they provide the connection between the door and springs that lift and lower the door safely. Experts advise that you don’t mess with the cables and springs on your door because they are high-tension parts. If you notice broken strands or other signs of wear and damage to the cables, call a service person to help you. 

Lubricate Moving Parts

When you keep the moving parts of your door well lubricated, you are extending the life of your rollers and door opener by reducing the stress put on them. At least twice a year, apply a high-quality spray lubricant to the rollers and hinges and then wipe off the excess. If you notice any rollers or hinges that seem stuck, spray them with a solution, like WD-40, wipe them clean, and then apply the grease.

Professional Repair

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