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Winterizing Your Garage Door

Unfortunately, cold weather garage door problems are incredibly common, especially in Boise. Boise residents are all too familiar with the fact that temperatures can drop below freezing between the months of November and February.

That is why adding the door onto your winterization checklist is essential. The door must be routinely maintained to ensure it operates safely and reliably despite the season.

This will help prevent you from dealing with the headache of an unresponsive door when you’d rather be sitting in front of the fireplace. It will also mitigate the following common problems.

Common Garage Door Problems

Wood Rot

Door decay is a problem that afflicts natural wood. That is why wood doors require more upkeep that another material. Adverse elements can cause them to warp, crack, or split any time of the year.

If you start to notice cracks or holes in your garage door, the wood could be damaged internally. Due to rain and cold/humid weather, your wood door could become weakened and soft. If your garage door begins to sag, this could lead to damage to floors and a less responsive electronic opener. 

Look out for dark patches on your door and garage walls as well as noting if there is a foul smell. There could be mold damage. You’ll want to have a professional garage repair company come and inspect the extent of the wood rot.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Regular usage and wear and tear could lead to door springs becoming faulty. A primary concern is the danger torsion and extension springs possess. They are both under an immense amount of tension.

If one of your springs brakes, you won’t be able to open the door. There is also the risk of the door falling if the spring fails when open. Broken garage door springs must be replaced by a professional.

Excessive Noise

When you hear sounds or whirring that you usually don’t hear from your door, have it inspected. These noises may be a result of constant wear and tear, and repair could be necessary. 

Most of the time, some of the mechanisms don’t have enough lubricant on them. Grease allows the metal parts to function smoothly without friction. If friction occurs continuously, it can damage the door and tracks.

Monthly Tests

The International Door Association (IDA) recommends testing the door’s balance and auto-reverse features monthly. To check the balance, you’ll want to release the automatic opener handle and lift the door to about halfway. 

If it remains in place, the springs are keeping the door balanced.

Next, check your auto-reverse by placing a box under the door and closing it. You will know it works if the door hits the box and goes back up. If these functions don’t work, you’ll need to have a professional perform the repairs.

Professional Repair

We at Garage Door Repair Boise understand the importance of your garage door! Let us help when your garage door interrupts your daily routine by scheduling an appointment at (208) 614-4032. 

We provide garage door repair, installation, and broken spring repair at competitively priced rates. 

Our certified technicians will provide you with an accurate quote regarding all your garage door problems, no matter the size, and will provide you with the highest-quality service. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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